Audrey Paradis

Audrey Paradis


University teacher and researcher


Since I completed my PhD project regarding the narratives of autonomy from teachers in Canada and in Finland, my research has now evolved in 2 main directions. One is about community-based participatory research, researching the methodology itself but also using it to research Indigenous teacher education. The other research avenue is about mathematics teaching and collaborative learning. I have been teaching in the Faculty of Education since 2014, to Masters' Students, and Intercultural Teacher Education students. I have taught partially or completely around 20 different courses, and supervise Bachelor's and Master's thesis. My past education is directly aligned with my current research/teaching, informing my work in a significant way. I completed my Master's of education in 2013, also in the Faculty of Education of the University of Oulu. Before that, I was a permanent high school teachers in NWT Canada for 7 years, where I was teaching senior Mathematics, Physics and Chemisty. I also assumed several leadership positions while teaching there. I completed my Bachelor's of education in mathematics and physics, in 2004, from Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Research interests

  • Teachers and teacher education
  • Professional Autonomy
  • Indigenous teacher education
  • Narrative research
  • Community-based participatory research

Selected publications


  • Paradis, A., Lutovac, S., Jokikokko, K., & Kaasila, R. (2019). Towards a relational understanding of teacher autonomy: The role of trust for Canadian and Finnish teachers. Research in Comparative and International Education, 1–18.
  • Paradis, A., Lutovac, S., Jokikokko, K., & Kaasila, R. (2018). Canadian and Finnish upper-secondary school mathematics teachers’ perceptions of autonomy. Pedagogy, Culture & Society,26(3), 381-396.
  • Paradis, A., Lutovac, S., Kaasila, R. (2015). A Canadian teacher’s perceived autonomy and self-confidence in the midst of an educational reform. Problems of education in the 21st Century, 66, 42-53.
  • Paradis, A., Kaasila, R. (2014) High school mathematics teachers’ views of their teacher autonomy as a part of their teacher identity in private and public school contexts. (Manuscript)

Thesis dissertations

  • Paradis, A. (2019). Towards a relational conceptualisation of teacher autonomy—Narrative research on the autonomy perceptions of upper-secondary school teachers in different contexts. University of Oulu, Doctoral thesis.
  • Paradis, A. (2013).An investigation of high school teachers' experiences and perceptions of the influence of neoliberalism in the Canadian school systems. Master’s thesis, University of Oulu.

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Research groups

  • Active research member, Living relations Community
  • Active research member, EDGE - Education Diversity Globalisation Ethics