Audrey Paradis

Audrey Paradis


Doctoral student


I am a researcher in the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu. My doctoral research relates upper secondary teachers and their autonomy, in Canada and in Finland. I am interested in teachers, teacher education and teacher identity. I have been teaching in the Intercultural Teacher Education programme as well as the Education and Globalisation master programme for a few years now. I have supervised students' thesis related to various topics - mainly in relations with teachers' work. Please contact me at (not the address).

Research interests

  • Teachers
  • Autonomy
  • Canadian education system
  • Finnish education system

Selected publications


Paradis, A., Lutovac S., Jokikokko, J., Kaasila, R. (2017). Canadian and Finnish upper-secondary school mathematics teachers’ perceptions of autonomy. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 1-16.

Paradis, A., Lutovac, S., Kaasila, R. (2015). A Canadian teacher’s perceived autonomy and self-confidence in the midst of an educational reform. Problems of education in the 21st Century, 66, 42-53.

Master's thesis

Paradis, A. (2013). An investigation of high school teachers' experiences and perceptions of the influence of neoliberalism in the Canadian school systems, University of Oulu.


Research groups

  • Active research member, Living Stories Research Community

Research visits

  • Data collection

    I spent 2 months in Canada to interview mathematics upper/secondary teachers.