Janne Ikäheimo




As an adjunct professor (docent) in all-around archaeology, I am interested in a host of things (see publications), or to paraphrase the late vocalist of Queen, Freddie Mercury: “I'm just an archaeological prostitute, my dear.” At the very moment, in mid-July 2020, I have just terminated my summer vacation and I am planning my teaching & research for the academic year 2020-2021.

Research interests

  • Bronze Age (of Oulujoki river valley)
  • neo-relics
  • artefact studies
  • craft beer boom: sociology & material culture
  • popular music heritage


Selected publications

  • Ikäheimo, J. (2020) Exclusive craft beer events: liminoid spaces of performative craft consumption. - Food, culture and society online first, online first . [Original]
  • Reynolds, Paul; Ikäheimo, Janne (2020) Late Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the Tower Deposits of Agios Donatos. Thesprotia Expedition IV : Region transformed by empire. Forsén, Björn. - Papers and monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XXIV. Helsinki. 317-386
  • Ikäheimo, Janne (2019) Neolithic native copper finds from Finland and north-west Russia : a multi-method approach. - Fennoscandia archaeologica XXXVI, 87-107
  • Ikäheimo, Janne (2019) Taruja herran tikarista – Oulun Hangaskankaan polttohaudan metallilöydöistä. - Muinaistutkija 2019 (4), 30-41
  • Ikäheimo, Janne; Äikäs, Tiina (2019) The Site of a Film Set as Material Heritage : A Case Study of the Pohjola Village from Rauta-aika (The Age of Iron) TV-Series. - VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture 8 (15), 46–58 . [Original]
  • Ikäheimo, Janne (2019) The freshness of the fell streams : contextualizing the success of Lapin Kulta Beer in the 1960s. - Journal of historical research in marketing Recent Articles, - . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ikäheimo, Janne; Äikäs, Tiina; Kallio-Seppä, Titta (2019) Memorialization and Heritagization: Investigating the Site of the Last Execution by Hanging in Finland. - Historical archaeology online, online . [Original]
  • Ikäheimo, Janne (2019) Somnium pro templo - On the date and location of the first ecclesiastic building on the Hailuoto island. - Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXV, 107-119
  • Ikäheimo, Janne; Äikäs, Tiina (2018) Taavetti Lukkarisen hirttopuu muistamisen ja perinnöllistymisen paikkana. - Suomen museo 2018 (125), 91-111
  • Ikäheimo, Janne (2018) Labiilit ikäykset ja stabiilit isotoopit : Lisää ¹⁴C-ajoituksia Keminmaan Valmarinniemeltä. - Faravid (45), 5-22 [Self-archived]
  • Ikäheimo, Janne; Äikäs, Tiina (2018) Hanging tree as a place of memories – Encounters at a 1916 execution site. - Journal of community archaeology and heritage online, online . Original: [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Herva, Vesa-Pekka; Ikäheimo, Janne; Enbuske, Matti; Okkonen, Jari (2018) Alternative Pasts and Colonial Engagements in the North : The Materiality and Meanings of the Pajala ‘Runestone’ (Vinsavaara Stone), Northern Sweden. - Cambridge Archaeological Journal In press, In press . Original: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0959774318000197. Self-archived: [Original] [Self-archived]


Materiaalien käyttö ja neoliittisen maailmankuvan kehittyminen Koillis-Euroopassa 6000-1000 eKr.

Projektin tavoitteena on tutkia Koillis-Euroopan neoliittikumia ja neolitisoitumiskehitystä.