Jari Iinatti

Dr.Sc. (Tech.)

Professor, Head of Unit
Telecommunications Theory


I received M.Sc., Lic. Tech. and Dr. Tech. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Oulu (UoO) in 1989, 1993 and 1997. I have been working at UoO as research scientist (1989-1997), acting professor (1997-2002) and professor (since 2002). I have been heading Department of Communications Engineering and Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) (2014-2015), degree programme of electrical engineering (2012-2014 and 2016-2017), as well as International Master Programme in Wireless Communications Engineering (2010-2017). Currently I'm head of CWC – Networks and Systems (since 2016) and Education Dean at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (since 2018).

Research interests

  • Telecommunications theory
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Medical ICT

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • IAS Visiting Professor of Yokohama National University, Japan, 2/2016 - 3/2018
  • IEEE Senior Member

Selected publications

  • Iinatti, Jari (1998) DS signal data detection using matches filter with median filter and with transversal filter in CW jamming. - Wireless personal communications 6 (1/2), 27-37
  • Iinatti, Jari & Leppänen, Pentti (1998) Performance analysis of DS signal code acquisition using the matched filter and the median filter. - Wireless personal communications (8), 93-111
  • Iinatti, Jari & Kerhuel, S. (1999) Code synchronisation in two-path channel: effect of interpath interference on acquisition. - Electronic Letters 35 (12), 960-962
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  • Viittala, Harri; Nahar Begum N. ; Hämäläinen, Matti & Iinatti Jari (2010) Medical Applications Adapting Ultra Wideband - A System Study. - International journal of ultra wideband communications and systems (IJUWBCS) 1 (4), 237 - 247
  • A. Taparugssanagorn, B. Zhen, R. Tesi, M. Hämäläinen, J. Iinatti, R. Kohno (2011) A UWB WBAN channel model based on a pseudo-dynamic measurement. - Annals of Telecommunications 66 (3-4), 177-185 . [Original]
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  • Tuovinen, Tommi; Berg, Markus; Yekeh Yazdandoost, Kamya; Iinatti, Jari (2013) Ultra wideband loop antenna on contact with human body tissues. - IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation 7 (7), 588-596
  • Tuovinen, Tommi; Berg, Markus; Iinatti, Jari (2014) Analysis of the impedance behaviour for broadband dipoles in proximity of a body tissue: approach by using antenna equivalent circuits. - Progress in Electromagnetic Research B 59, 135-150 . [Original]
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Thesis supervisions

Supervisor of 19 Doctoral Theses
  • Matti Hämäläinen (2006): Singleband UWB Systems – Analysis and Measurement of Coexistence with Selected Existing Radio Systems

  • Esa Kunnari (2008): Multirate MC-CDMA – Multirate MC-CDMA – Performance Analysis in Stochastically Modeled Correlated Fading Channels, with an Application to OFDM-UWB

  • Jarmo Prokkola (2008): Enhancing the Performance of Ad-Hoc Networking by Lower Layer Design

  • Henri Puska (2009): Code Acquisition in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems Using Smart Antennas

  • Antti Anttonen (2011): Estimation of Energy Detection Thresholds and Error Probability for Amplitude-Modulated Short-range Communication Radios  (supervised with Adjunct Professor Aarne Mämmelä)

  • Davide Macagnano (2012): Multitarget Localization and Tracking – Active and Passive Solution  (supervised with Professor Giuseppe Abreu)

  • Giuseppe Destino (2012): Positioning in Wireless Networks - Non-Cooperative and Cooperative Algorithms  (supervised with Professor Giuseppe Abreu)

  • Marja Matinmikko (2012): Spectrum Sharing Using Cgnitive Radio System Capabilities - Methods to Obtain and Exploit Knowledge of Spectrum Availability

  • Marko Höyhtyä (2014): Adaptive Power and Frequency Allocation Strategies in Cognitive Radio Systems  (supervised with Adjunct Professor Aarne Mämmelä)

  • Tommi Tuovinen (2014): Operation of IR-UWB WBAN Antennas Close to Human Tissues  (supervised with Dr. Markus Berg)

  • Heikki Karvonen (2015): Improving Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Cross-layer Optimization (supervised with Professor Carlos Pomalaza-Raez and Adjunct Professor Matti Hämäläinen)

  • Simone Soderi (2016): Investigation of Industrial Wireless Communication Systems’ Security  (supervised with Adjunct Professor Matti Hämäläinen)

  • Ville Niemelä (2017): Evaluations and Analysis of IR-UWB Receivers for Personal Medical Communications

  • Miia Mustonen (2017): Analysis of Recent Spectrum Sharing Concepts in Policy Making (supervised with Dr. Marja Matinmikko)

  • Harri Viittala (2017): Selected Methods for WBAN Communications - FM-UWB and SmartBAN PHY (Supervised with Adj. Prof. Matti Hämäläinen)

  • Juha Petäjäjärvi (2018): Low-Power Wireless Communications in the Internet of Things - Solutions and Evaluations (Supervised with Prof. Aarno Pärssinen)

  • Henna Paaso (2018): Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithms for Leaky-Wave Antennas and Antenna Arrays (Supervised with Prof. Aarne Mämmelä)

  • Mariella Särestöniemi (2020): UWB In-body Propagation and Radio Channel Characteristics for Wireless Body Area Networks Applications (Supervised with Prof. Carlos Pomalaza-Raez and Adjunct Prof. Matti Hämäläinen)

  • Olli Apilo (2020): Energy Efficiency Analysis and Improvements of MIMO Cellular Communications (Supervised with Prof. Aarne Mämmelä)

Supervisor of 5 and second examiner of 7 Licentiate's Theses
Supervisor of 65 and second examiner of 85 Master's Theses

Research visits

  • Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan
    18.3.2015 to 2.4.2015

  • Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan
    7.2.2016 to 20.2.2016

  • Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan
    18.1.2017 to 2.2.2017