Jarkko Tolvanen

Jarkko Tolvanen

D.Sc. (Tech.)

Postdoctoral Reseacher

9 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 91 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 26 citations. The author has a h-index of 5.00. (Scopus)


Jarkko received M.Sc (Tech) and D.Sc (Tech.) degrees from University of Oulu in 2015 and 2018, respectively. Currently he works as Postdoctoral Reseacher with the Microelectronics Research Unit for the Infotech Oulu Entity project. Since 2008, he has also been a part-time Research Assistant with the University of Jyväskylä. His research interest relate to stimuli-responsive materials that change their electrical and optical properties, designing and fabrication of components and devices for soft electronics.

Research interests

  • Soft electronics
  • Sensors
  • Polymers and composites
  • Supramolecular materials
  • Mechanochromic materials


Reviewer of the Year for Flexible and Printed Electronics (2018, IOP Publishing)

Social media

Research groups

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Microelectronics Research Unit

Selected publications

  • Pitkanen, Olli; Tolvanen, Jarkko; Szenti, Imre; Kukovecz, Akos; Hannu, Jari; Jantunen, Heli; Kordas, Krisztian (2019) Lightweight Hierarchical Carbon Nanocomposites with Highly Efficient and Tunable Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties. - Acs applied materials and interfaces 11 (21), 19331-19338 . [Original]
  • Tolvanen, Jarkko; Hannu, Jari; Jantunen, Heli (2018) Stretchable and washable strain sensor based on cracking structure for human motion monitoring. - Scientific Reports 8 (1), 13241 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Tolvanen, Jarkko; Kilpijärvi, Joni; Pitkänen, Olli; Hannu, Jari; Jantunen, Heli (2020) Stretchable Sensors with Tunability and Single Stimuli-Responsiveness through Resistivity Switching Under Compressive Stress. - Acs applied materials and interfaces online first, online first . [Original]


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