Kaarina Tervo-Kankare


Senior lecturer
Tourism geography


I work as a senior lecturer in geography research unit and hold the title of a docent in tourism research (Arctic tourism and changing environment) from University of Lapland. Nature-based tourism, especially in northern environments is my strongest expertise area.

In research, I have focused on studying the multifaceted relationship between tourism and climate change/global environmental change. My research closely deals with sustainability and so called responsible tourism and their development. I am also interested in tourism and regional development, accessible tourism and tourism geographies and their pedagogy.

Research interests

  • tourism and climate change
  • global environmental change
  • adaptation
  • Arctic tourism
  • sustainable tourism
  • responsible tourism
  • nature-based tourism
  • tourism and regional development
  • tourism geography

Current research projects

REXSAC (Nordic Centre of Excellence on Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities, 2016-2020) funded by Nordforsk: http://www.rexsac.org

Kansainvälistyvän Ruka-Kuusamo-matkailualueen kilpailukyvyn kehittäminen (Gateway to Kuusamo Lapland) -project (2017-2019) funded by EAKR/European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Past research projects

Impacts of Climate Change to Tourism Industry and Local Communities in the Arctic (2010–14)(Cliché Consortium), funded by the Academy of Finland under FICCA programme

VACCIA (Vulnerability assessment of ecosystem services for climate change impacts and adaptation, 2009-2011: Assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation measures for tourism related communities in two northern towns: ecological, social and health impacts of climate change) funded by EU Life+

FiDiPro programme Human-Environment Relations in the North: resource development, climate change and resilience (2007-2012) funded by Academy of Finland

 KEMMI (Sustainable Tourism in Changing Climate) project (2007) funded by ESR/European Social Fund (ESF)

Responsible for the following courses

  • 790320A  ja 790620S                 Matkailusuunnittelu ja aluekehitys / Tourism planning and development
  • 790161A                                     Tourism, development and sustainability
  • 791629S                                     Matkailututkimuksen traditiot ja erityiskysymyksiä  / Traditions and current issues in tourism research
  • 7901616S                                   Harjoittelu / Internship
  • 790610S                                     Sustainable tourism development in northern environments