Kamal Raj R


Ph.D. Researcher


Second-year Ph.D. student at Atmospheric Research Group, ATMOS, headed by Prof. Nønne Prisle, part of Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit. Through his research, Kamal is trying to study the surface properties of atmospherically relevant aerosols that determine how they interact with one another and the surrounding water Moisture. Among other things, the surface chemistry of aerosols affects how clouds form, where they form, how long they stay in the atmosphere, how much sunlight is reflected back or trapped. So better understanding of what happens at their surface gives us insight into how aerosols affect the global climate. Along with his group, Kamal carries out experiments at different synchrotron facilities across the globe like MAX IV synchrotron facility, BESSY II, and UVSOR III to further our understanding of atmospheric aerosol systems. 

Research interests

  • Physics
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Material Science
  • Climate Change





Scientific merits

Research groups

  • Doctoral student, ATMOS - Atmospheric Research Group

Thesis supervisions



Research visits

  • MAX IV Synchrotron facility
    25.11.2018 to 24.12.2018




The unexplored world of aerosol surfaces and their impacts.