Lauriane Janssen

Lauriane Janssen


Post-doctoral Researcher
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

5 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 170 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 57 citations. The author has a h-index of 5.00. (Scopus 21.5.2019)


I graduated as PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 studying characteristics and biological activity of various VEGF isoforms, as well as the role and mechanism of action of aminoprocollagen peptidases (ADAMTS2, 3 and 14) in vivo. Then, I worked for a couple of years in the Pharmaceutical industry in Finland (BBS-Bioactive Bones Substitutes), before joining the University of Oulu in January 2018. My current research topics are the use of nanomaterials for cell engineering, composite-based smart scaffolds, biofunctionalization of nanomaterials and biosensors.

Research interests

  • osteoarthritis
  • tissue engineering
  • bionanomaterials
  • connective tissues
  • aminoprocollagen peptidase ADAMTS

Previous Publications

Dupont, L., Ehx, G., Chantry, M., Monseur, C., Leduc, C., Janssen, L., Cataldo, D., Thiry, M., Jerome, C., Thomassin, J.M., Nusgens, B., Dubail, J., Baron, F., Colige, A.
Spontaneous atopic dermatitis due to immune dysregulation in mice lacking Adamts2 and 14.
(2018) Matrix Biology in press

Bekhouche, M., Leduc, C., Dupont, L., Janssen, L., Delolme, F., Vadon-Le Goff, S., Smargiasso, N., Baiwir, D., Mazzucchelli, G., Zanella-Cleon, I., Dubail, J., De Pauw, E., Nusgens, B., Hulmes, D.J.S., Moali, C., Colige, A.
Determination of the substrate repertoire of ADAMTS2, 3, and 14 significantly broadens their functions and identifies extracellular matrix organization and TGF-β signaling as primary targets
(2016) FASEB Journal, 30 (5), pp. 1741-1756.

Janssen, L., Dupont, L., Bekhouche, M., Noel, A., Leduc, C., Voz, M., Peers, B., Cataldo, D., Apte, S.S., Dubail, J., Colige, A.
ADAMTS3 activity is mandatory for embryonic lymphangiogenesis and regulates placental angiogenesis
(2016) Angiogenesis, 19 (1), pp. 53-65.

Kaux, J.-F., Janssen, L., Drion, P., Nusgens, B., Libertiaux, V., Pascon, F., Heyeres, A., Hoffmann, A., Lambert, C., Refidaff, C., Denoël, V., Defraigne, J.-O., Rickert, M., Crielaard, J.-M., Colige, A.
Vascular endothelial growth factor-111 (VEGF-111) and tendon healing: Preliminary results in a rat model of tendon injury
(2014) Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal, 4 (1), pp. 24-28.

Delcombel, R., Janssen, L., Vassy, R., Gammons, M., Haddad, O., Richard, B., Letourneur, D., Bates, D., Hendricks, C., Waltenberger, J., Starzec, A., Sounni, N.E., Noël, A., Deroanne, C., Lambert, C., Colige, A.
New prospects in the roles of the C-terminal domains of VEGF-A and their cooperation for ligand binding, cellular signaling and vessels formation
(2013) Angiogenesis, 16 (2), pp. 353-371.

Kaux, J.-F., Drion, P.V., Colige, A., Pascon, F., Libertiaux, V., Hoffmann, A., Janssen, L., Heyers, A., Nusgens, B.V., Le Goff, C., Gothot, A., Cescotto, S., Defraigne, J.-O., Rickert, M., Crielaard, J.-M.
Effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on the healing of Achilles tendons of rats
(2012) Wound Repair and Regeneration, 20 (5), pp. 748-756.

Research groups

  • post-doctoral researcher, Microelectronics Research Unit

Selected publications

  • Gabriela S. Lorite, Laura Ylä-Outinen, Lauriane Janssen, Olli Pitkänen, Tiina Joki, Janne T. Koivisto, Minna Kellomäki, Robert Vajtai, Susanna Narkilahti, Krisztian Kordas (2019) Carbon nanotube micropillars trigger guided growth of complex human neural stem cells networks. - Nano research published online 19.19.2019, published online 19.19.2019 . [Original]
  • Lassi Rieppo ,Lauriane Janssen,Krista Rahunen,Petri Lehenkari,Mikko A. J. Finnilä,Simo Saarakkala (2019) Histochemical quantification of collagen content in articular cartilage. - PLoS One 14 (11), e0224839, e0224839 . [Original]

Thesis supervisions

Saranya Muthusamy
  • Thesis 2018 - ongoing (use of nanomaterials for tissue engineering)

Heidi Hannula
  • Thesis 2019 - ongoing (functionalization of nanomaterials)