Minna Uitto

Minna Uitto

PhD, Docent

Post doctoral researcher


Minna Uitto has wide experience in teacher research. She is a docent (educational sciences, especially teacher research) in the University of Jyväskylä. Her research interests include relationality and emotions in teachers' work, micropolitics in schools, and narrativity. Recently, she was the co-leader of the EMOT-project (2013-19) funded by the Academy of Finland. The project focused on the emotional dimension in beginning teachers’ stories about their work. Her previous research dealt with teacher-student relationships based on students’ memories of their own teachers. 

Research interests

  • beginning teachers
  • emotions
  • narrative inquiry
  • relationality
  • teachers' work


Scientific merits

Research groups

  • Living Relations Research Community (former Living Stories)

Selected publications

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