Mirka Rauniomaa

Mirka Rauniomaa


University Lecturer

Research interests

  • Language
  • Multimodality
  • Social interaction

Research project: Break

Interactional organisation of break-taking activities and social support in a changing workplace environment


Research project: HANS

Human activity in natural settings: Nature as a site for mobility, interaction and socialization


Research groups


Selected publications

  • Rauniomaa, Mirka; Haddington, Pentti; Melander, Helen; Gazin, Anne-Danièle; Broth, Mathias; Cromdal, Jakob; Levin, Lena; McIlvenny, Paul (2018) Parsing tasks for the mobile novice in real time : orientation to the learner's actions and to spatial and temporal constraints in instructing-on-the-move. - Journal of pragmatics 128, 30–52 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Rauniomaa, Mirka; Lehtonen, Esko; Summala, Heikki (2018) Noticings with instructional implications in post‐licence driver training. - International Journal of Applied Linguistics early view, early view . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Keisanen, Tiina; Rauniomaa, Mirka; Siitonen, Pauliina (2017) Transitions as sites of socialization in family interaction outdoors. - Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 14, 24-37 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Levin, Lena; Cromdal, Jakob; Broth, Mathias; Gazin, Anne-Daniele; Haddingtone, Pentti; McIlvenny, Paul; Melander, Helen; Rauniomaa, Mirka (2017) Unpacking corrections in mobile instruction: Error-occasioned learning opportunities in driving, cycling and aviation training. - Linguistics and education 38, 11-23 . [Original]
  • Rauniomaa, Mirka; Lehtonen, Esko; Summala, Heikki (2016) Situated accomplishment of well-being in interaction: A conversation-analytic study of instructor intervention, driver reflection and displays of (dis)comfort in voluntary post-licence training. - Social inquiry into well-being 2 (1), 16-32 . [Original]