Suvi Pihkala

Suvi Pihkala


PhD, postdoctoral researcher
Gender studies and feminist research


I'm a postdoctoral researcher in Gender Studies with interest in feminist posthuman and new materialist methodologies and approaches on ethics and responsibility, which was also at the heart of my PhD research Touchable Matters: Reconfiguring Sustainable Change through Participatory Design, Education, and Everyday Engagement for Non-Violence. While conducting my PhD research, my focus was on responsible participatory practices in participatory design, and on the challenge of cultivating non-violence and relationships based on care, belonging and equality. In my postdoctoral research I am interested in moving to explore how participation, responsiblity and ethical encounter materialize in and through creative arts-based methods and when addressing sexual harassment in pre-teen peer cultures. Inspired by feminist theorization within new materialist terrains, I'm interested in exploring how ethics and politics figure in the research-assemblages that we co-compose and find ourselves in.


Research interests

  • Feminist new materialisms
  • Participatory Design
  • Posthuman ethics
  • Postqualitative research
  • Research-activism
  • Technology-rich environments
  • Non-violence and violence prevention
  • Ethically sustainable relationality
  • Art-based research methods


Pihkala, S; Huuki, T. & Sunnari, V. (2019) Moving with Touch: Entanglements of a Child, Valentine’s Day Cards and Research-Activism against Sexual Harassment in Pre-Teen Peer Cultures. Social sciences 8, 226. 

Pihkala, S. & Huuki, T. (2019) How a Hashtag Matters: Reconfiguring Research-Activist Encounters to Address Sexual Harassment in Pre-Teen Peer Cultures. In Proceedings of the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2019, 13-15 February, Edinburgh, Scotland. Available online:

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Other, non-academic publications

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I teach mainly courses related to gender-based violence and supervise Gender studies' joint Bachelor's and Master's Thesis seminar in the Faculty of Education and act as a secondary supervisor for two Doctoral research projects. I also act as the University of Oulu contact person and steering committee member for the HILMA network for Gender studies.

  • 417215A Global Contexts of Violence. Gender related violence in the landscape of global vulnerabilities, offered in collaboration with UNIPID university network (fall 2018; spring 2020; fall 2021).
  • 417215A Väkivalta ja toisarvoistamisen ulottuvuudet (verkkokurssi kevät 2018) / Violence and forms of othering (e-course only in Finnish)
  • 417138P Väkivallattomuus ja välittävä myötäeläinen (tentti/essee) / Non-Violence and Compassion (essay/book exam)
  • 417138P Sukupuoli, kulttuuri ja etnografia (tentti/essee) / Gender, culture and enthnography (book exam/essay)

Research groups

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Gender Studies


Mapping, Making & Mattering: Arts and Research-Activism for Addressing Sexual Harassment in Pre-Teen Peer Cultures

The Academy of Finland funded gender studies research project Mapping, making & mattering: Arts and research-activism for addressing sexual