Tiina Ikäheimo


University Researcher, Docent
Environmental health

63 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 867 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 124 citations. The author has a h-index of 18.00. (Scopus)


The research of Dr. Tiina Ikäheimo focuses on the effects of extreme temperature and climate change on human health. The purpose is to identify susceptible populations for implementing prevention and protection measures to mitigate expected adverse health effects of climate change. She has also interests in studying exercise and health. Her research combines controlled experiments, population studies and with future interests in register-based and clinical studies. Dr Ikäheimo is the Vice-director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Change, Environment and Public Health hosted by CERH.

Research interests

  • Environmental temperature and health
  • Environmental temperature and performance
  • Climate change and Public Health
  • Exercise and Health

Year-round health enhancing exercise and coronary artery disease (CadColdEx)

The research examines how recommendations for health-enhancing endurance exercise in combination with cold exposure affect cardiac and circulatory functions of people with CAD. The used forms and level of exercise, clothing and cold exposure resembles an ordinary endurance exercise occasion in a northern climate and is unique its design. The research examines the effects of different forms of physical activity (upper and lower body), on the immediate and delayed (recovery) cardiovascular responses of exercise in the cold among persons with CAD. Project website

DiabColdHeat: Diabetes, cardiovascular co-morbidity and environmental temperature: a randomized experimental study

The aim of the study is to examine how advanced type 2 diabetes alone, an in conjunction with coronary artery diseases and hypertension affect neural, cardiovascular and metabolic responses in a cold and hot environment. The patients are exposed under controlled conditions in a random order to both cold (+10°C) and heat (+44°C) while resting for 90 min at a time. The selected exposures are estimated to cause an increase in heat production in cold and initiation of sweating in the heat. Project website

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • Finnish Representative Scientific Committee of Antarctic Health Research 2012-
  • Board Member Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health 2012-
  • Board Member International Network for Circumpolar Health Research 2009-12
  • Vice-president International Union of Circumpolar Health 2009-12
  • Chairman Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health 2008-12
  • Chairman Finnish Society for Arctic Health and Biology 2004-8

Selected publications

  • Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Antikainen, Riitta (2020) Vanhus ja helle - suojaudu, viilennä, nesteytä. - Lääkärilehti 75 (24-33), 1510-1514 . [Original]
  • Ikäheimo, Tiina; Jaakkola, Jouni (2019) Ulkoilman äärilämpötilojen terveysvaikutukset ja niihin varautuminen. - Duodecim 135 (22), 2159-2166 . [Original]
  • Hintsala, Heidi E; Kiviniemi, Antti M; Antikainen, Riitta; Mäntysaari, Matti; Jokelainen, Jari; Hassi, Juhani; Tulppo, Mikko P; Herzig, Karl-Heinz; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka; Rintamäki, Hannu J; Jaakkola, Jouni J K: Ikäheimo, Tiina M (2019) High Home Blood Pressure Variability Associates With Exaggerated Blood Pressure Response to Cold Stress. - American journal of hypertension 32 (6), 538–546 . [Original]
  • Kärmeniemi, Mikko; Lankila, Tiina; Ikäheimo, Tiina; Puhakka, Soile; Niemelä, Maisa; Jämsä, Timo; Koivumaa-Honkanen, Heli; Korpelainen, Raija (2019) Residential relocation trajectories and neighborhood density, mixed land use and access networks as predictors of walking and bicycling in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966. - International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity 16 (1), 88 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Kärmeniemi, Mikko; Lankila, Tiina; Ikäheimo, Tiina; Koivumaa-Honkanen, Heli; Korpelainen, Raija (2018) The Built Environment as a Determinant of Physical Activity: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies and Natural Experiments. - Annals of behavioral medicine 52 (3), 239-251 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Ikäheimo, Tiina Maria; Jokelainen, Jari; Hassi, Juhani; Hiltunen, Liisa; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka; Laatikainen, Tiina; Jousilahti, Pekka; Peltonen, Markku; Moilanen, Leena; Saltevo, Juha; Näyhä, Simo (2017) Diabetes and impaired glucose metabolism is associated with more cold-related cardiorespiratory symptoms. - Diabetes research and clinical practice 129, 116-125 . [Original]
  • Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Jaakkola, Kari; Jokelainen, Jari; Saukkoriipi, Annika; Roivainen, Merja; Juvonen, Raija; Vainio, Olli; Jaakkola, Jouni J.K. (2016) A Decrease in Temperature and Humidity Precedes Human Rhinovirus Infections in a Cold Climate. - Viruses 8 (9), 244 . [Original]
  • Ryti, Niilo R. I.; Mäkikyrö, Elina M. S.; Antikainen, Harri; Hookana, Eeva; Junttila, M. Juhani; Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Kortelainen, Marja-Leena; Huikuri, Heikki V.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K. (2017) Risk of sudden cardiac death in relation to season-specific cold spells: a case–crossover study in Finland. - BMJ Open 7 (11), e017398 . [Original]
  • Leinonen, Anna-Maiju; Pyky, Riitta; Ahola, Riikka; Kangas, Maarit; Siirtola, Pekka; Luoto, Tim; Enwald, Heidi; Ikäheimo, Tiina M; Röning, Juha; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka; Mäntysaari, Matti; Korpelainen, Raija; Jämsä, Timo (2017) Feasibility of Gamified Mobile Service Aimed at Physical Activation in Young Men : Population-Based Randomized Controlled Study (MOPO). - Jmir mhealth and uhealth 5 (10), e146 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Korpelainen, Raija; Lämsä, Jenni; Kaikkonen, Kaisu M.; Korpelainen, Juha; Laukkanen, Jari; Palatsi, Ilkka; Takala, Timo E.; Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Hautala, Arto J. (2016) Exercise capacity and mortality : a follow-up study of 3033 subjects referred to clinical exercise testing. - Annals of medicine 48 (5), 359-366 . [Original]
  • Hyrkas, Henna; Ikäheimo, Tiina M.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K; Jaakkola, Maritta S. (2016) Asthma control and cold weather-related respiratory symptoms. - Respiratory medicine 113, 1-17 . [Original]
  • Hintsala, Heidi; Kandelberg, Arno; Herzig, Karl-Heinz; Rintamäki, Hannu; Mäntysaari, Matti; Rantala, Aino; Antikainen, Riitta; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K.; Ikäheimo, Tiina M. (2014) Central aortic blood pressure of hypertensive men during short-term cold exposure. - American journal of hypertension 27 (5), 656-664 . [Original]
  • Näyhä, Simo; Rintamäki, Hannu; Donaldson, Gavin; Hassi, Juhani; Jousilahti, Pekka; Laatikainen, Tiina; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K.; Ikäheimo, Tiina M. (2017) The prevalence of heat-related cardiorespiratory symptoms : the vulnerable groups identified from the National FINRISK 2007 Study. - International Journal of Biometeorology 61 (4), 657-668 .
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Thesis supervisions

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and changes in body composition, physical fitness and cardiovascular risk factors during military service
  • Co-supervisor in the thesis completed by Ilona Mikkola in 2011

Cardiovascular responses to cold exposure in untreated hypertension
  • Principal supervisor in the thesis completed by Heidi Hintsala in 2018

Cold-weather related sensitivity among asthmatics
  • Co-supervisor in the thesis by Henna Hyrkäs-Palmu estimated to be completed in 2020

Cardiovascular responses to cold temperature and submaximal exercise among persons with coronary artery disease
  • Principal supervisor in the thesis by Rasmus Valtonen estimated to be completed in 2021

Physical activity and heart rate variability in young men
  • Co-supervisor in the thesis of Jaakko Tornberg

Cold exposure and respiratory tract infections among conscripts
  • Co-supervisor in the thesis of Kari Jaakkola