Timo Hugg

Timo Hugg


Docent, Adjunct Professor, University Lecturer
Public health (Environmental Health)

22 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 463 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 118 citations. The author has a h-index of 13.00. (Scopus 3.5.2019)


The expertise of Timo Hugg is related to pollen grains, especially dispersal between indoor and outdoor environments, pollen concentrations in different urban environments, and the environmental health, especially effects of environmental exposures on asthma, allergic diseases and symptoms. He has published more than 80 publications from the fields of urban ecology, environmental protection, environmental health, biodiversity, human-induced environmental impacts and allergology, including 22 peer-reviewed articles.

Hugg has previously worked as a teacher/lecturer in the different organizations and as a head of South-Karelia Allergy and Environment Institute. Lately he has been working in two multidisciplinary research projects funded by the Academy of Finland: The Influence of Air Pollution, Pollen and Ambient Temperature on Asthma and Allergies in Changing Climate (APTA, 2013–2018; coordinator of WP1: Pollen monitoring and analyses) and Climate change, air quality and housing - future challenges to public health (CLAIH, 2008–2012; coordinator). He is a member of European Aerobiology Society, starting from 2012. Hugg is working as a vice director of CERH since 2015.

Research interests

  • Intra-urban variation of pollen concentrations and the effect of pollen exposure on asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • The effects of housing on asthma, allergic diseases and symptoms

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • Vice director of the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH), University of Oulu, 2015-
  • Member of the European Aerobiology Society 2012-

Research groups

  • Researcher, Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH)
  • Researcher in a research group of Jouni and Maritta Jaakkola, Medical Research Center Oulu

Selected publications

  • Hugg, Timo T.; Hjort, Jan; Antikainen, Harri; Rusanen, Jarmo; Tuokila, Mirkka; Korkonen, Sanna; Weckström, Jan; Jaakkola, Maritta S.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K. (2017) Urbanity as a determinant of exposure to grass pollen in Helsinki Metropolitan area, Finland. - PLoS One 12 (10), e0186348 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Hjort, Jan; Hugg, Timo T.; Antikainen, Harri; Rusanen, Jarmo; Sofiev, Mikhail; Kukkonen, Jaakko; Jaakkola, Maritta S.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K. (2016) Fine-scale exposure to allergenic pollen in the urban environment : evaluation of land use regression approach. - Environmental Health Perspectives 124 (5), 619-626 .
  • Korkala, Essi A. E.; Hugg, Timo T.; Jaakkola, Jouni J. K. (2014) Awareness of Climate Change and the Dietary Choices of Young Adults in Finland : A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study. - PLoS One 9 (5), e97480 . [Original]
  • Jaakkola, Maritta S; Quansah, Reginald; Hugg, Timo T; Heikkinen, Sirpa A M; Jaakkola, Jouni J K (2013) Association of indoor dampness and molds with rhinitis risk : A systematic review and meta-analysis. - Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 132 (5), 1099-1110.e18 .
  • Paaso, Elina M S; Jaakkola, Maritta S; Lajunen, Taina K; Hugg, Timo T; Jaakkola, Jouni J K (2013) The Importance of Family History in Asthma during the First 27 Years of Life. - American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 188 (5), 624-626 .
  • Quansah R; Jaakkola MS; Hugg TT; Heikkinen SA; Jaakkola JJ (2012) Residential dampness and molds and the risk of developing asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. - PLoS One 7 (11), e47526 .
  • Pyrhönen, K.; Läärä, E.; Hiltunen, L.; Kaila, M.; Hugg, T.; Näyhä, S (2012) Season of the first trimester of pregnancy predicts sensitisation to food allergens in childhood : a population-based cohort study from Finland. - Journal of epidemiology and community health 66 (1), 49-56 . [Original]
  • Hugg, Timo; Jaakkola, Maritta; Ruotsalainen, R.; Pushkarev, V. & Jaakkola, Jouni (2008) Exposure to animals and the risk of allergic asthma: a population-based cross-sectional study in Finnish and Russian. - Environmental Health (Biomed Central) 7 .
  • Hugg, Timo; Ruotsalainen, R., Jaakkola, Maritta; Pushkarev, V.; Jaakkola, Jouni (2008) Comparison of allergic diseases, symptoms and respiratory infections between Finnish and Russian school children. - European journal of epidemiology 23, 123-133
  • Hugg, Timo & Rantio-Lehtimäki, A. (2007) Indoor and outdoor pollen concentrations in private and public spaces during the Betula pollen season. - Aerobiologia 23, 119-129