Ulla Lassi

Ulla Lassi

Professor, D.Sc.



Dr. Ulla Lassi has been a professor and the head of the Research Group of Applied Chemistry since 2006. Currently, her research group in Applied chemistry has totally 34 researchers of which 11 post doctoral researchers. Since 1.1.2015, she has been the Head of the Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry (present 44 researchers). Her research areas involve material chemistry in industrial applications. Material chemistry research is focused on novel catalytic materials, adsorbents and battery chemicals. She has supervised 15 PhD theses and over 80 M.Sc. theses. Currently, she has over 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Research interests

  • Inorganic battery chemicals
  • Catalytic materials
  • Wastewater treatment, especially chemical precipitation, adsorption
  • Biomass catalytic conversion