Xiaopeng HONG

Xiaopeng Hong




Dr. Xiaopeng Hong is a Docent, collaborating with Prof. Guoying Zhao & Prof. Matti Pietikäinen (FIEEE), at the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu, Finland, where he has been a scientist researcher since 2011. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Application & Technology from Harbin Institute of Technology, P. R. China, in 2010, under the supervision of Prof. Wen Gao (FIEEE/FACM, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering). He has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles, including top-tier journals such as IEEE T-PAMI, IEEE T-IP, and leading conferences such as IEEE CVPR, and ACM UbiComp. He has advised or been advising eight Ph.D. students and four master students since 2012 as a technical supervisor. His current research interests include the deep learning technology and other machine learning and computer vision methods, and their applications in multimodal learning, affective computing, pain intensity estimation, medical image analysis, eye gaze and saliency estimation, etc. He has been a PI of an Infotech Oulu Postdoctoral funding project and the only co-writer of an Academy of Finland ICT 2023 funding project.

Research interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Machine Learning

Selected publications

  • Zhou, Ziheng; Hong, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Guoying; Pietikäinen, Matti (2014) A compact representation of visual speech data using latent variables. - IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 36 (1), 181-187
  • Hong, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Guoying; Pietikäinen, Matti; Chen, Xilin (2014) Combining LBP difference and feature correlation for texture description. - IEEE transactions on image processing 23 (6), 2557-2568
  • Liu, Qing; Hong, Xiaopeng; Zou, Beiji; Chen, Jie; Chen, Zailiang; Zhao, Guoying (2017) Hierarchical Contour Closure-Based Holistic Salient Object Detection. - IEEE transactions on image processing 26 (9), 4537-4552 . [Original]
  • Li, Xiaobai; Hong, Xiaopeng; Moilanen, Antti; Huang, Xiaohua; Pfister, Tomas; Zhao, Guoying; Pietikäinen, Matti (2018) Towards Reading Hidden Emotions : A Comparative Study of Spontaneous Micro-expression Spotting and Recognition Methods. - IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing Early, Early . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Liu, Xin; Yao, Jiawen; Hong, Xiaopeng; Huang, Xiaohua; Zhou, Ziheng; Qi, Chun; Zhao, Guoying (2018) Background Subtraction using Spatio-Temporal Group Sparsity Recovery. - IEEE Transactions on Circuits ansd Systems for Video Technology pp (99), 1-1 . [Original]
  • Hong, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Guoying; Zafeiriou, Stefanos; Pantic, Maja; Pietikäinen, Matti (2016) Capturing correlations of local features for image representation. - Neurocomputing 184 (SI), 99-106 . [Original]
  • Wang, Hanjie; Chai, Xiujuan; Hong, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Guoying; Chen, Xilin (2016) Isolated Sign Language Recognition with Grassmann Covariance Matrices. - Acm transactions on accessible computing 8 (4), 14 . [Original]