Here you can find CogAHealth publications starting from the year 2016. Publications in Finnish are published on the page Julkaisut.

Hirvonen, N., & Palmgren-Neuvonen, L. (2019). Cognitive authorities in health education classrooms: A nexus analysis on group-based learning tasks. Library & Information Science Research, 41(3), 100964. You can read the article here.

Hirvonen, N., Nygård, T., Palmgren-Neuvonen, L., Huhta, A. M., & Huotari, M. L. (2018, September). Finnish School Health Education Viewed Through an Information Literacy Lens. In European Conference on Information Literacy (pp. 154-165). Springer, Cham. You can read the article here.




Last updated: 24.9.2019