International Representatives

University of Oulu has agreements with a selected few education agent partners who represent our bachelor's and master's degree programmes.

Education Agents

Our partnering education agents have local offices where they provide prospective students and their parents with guidance along the applicant journey.

  • You are free to choose whether you would like to use the services of an education agent or apply to the University of Oulu directly.
  • Admissions criteria are the same for all applicants. Thus, your chances of getting admitted to the University of Oulu will remain the same regardless if you apply to us directly, or if you use the help of an education agent. Applicants are ranked and selected for each degree programme according to the admissions criteria.
  • Application periods are the same for those who apply to the University of Oulu and for those who apply through an education agent.
  • Applications are submitted to the University of Oulu through the national Studyinfo portal.
  • You can find our education agents below. Please note that only the listed partners are authorized to represent the University of Oulu.

Our partners