Have I made the right choice with Computer Science and Engineering?

Life and experiences are all about decisions. What you do, whom you spend your time with, what you read, and many other insignificant mini-decisions you make every day have led you to this moment, this place, and this lifestyle you have right now.

The future of Computer Science

No one can deny the increasing importance of computing in our society. Every day we all rely more and more on technologies to carry on with our lives. Our phone, bus card, main door smart lock, wireless car keys, and even pay for groceries with our smartwatches nowadays! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The use of computers is growing exponentially, and with it, the need for engineers to do the job.

It is natural to hesitate when it comes to picking your future career. Let me tell you about my experience and first impressions of the Computer Science and Engineering master's programme.

My choice - University of Oulu

After I decided on the programme I wanted to participate in, it was time for my next decision: choose the right university. Many universities were offering related programmes; however, one particular option caught my attention: the University of Oulu. There are tons of reasons that justify that I made the right choice.

Exciting projects

I noticed that although you sometimes have due dates for homework and projects, you can make progress at your own pace. I must say that the approach for the courses (at least those I've taken so far) makes me really dive into the topic. Of course, there are some challenges. Since this is a master level programme, you need to put some effort into it. However, you will feel proud when you overcome the difficulties and see what you've learned.

If someone had told me that by the end of the first period, I would have successfully hacked the security of a chip emulating static energy, or that I would be participating in the development of a new web tool involving cloud computing and Google API's, I would have laughed. But here I am. :)

The best part is that I get to share the experience with a completely new social circle, my new friends.

My study group, students helping each other.

Worldwide friendship

I used to think that people from different countries needed to work hard to get along and achieve the same level of understanding because of cultural differences. Until one day, without noticing, I suddenly found myself surrounded by new good friends from all around the world, studying, chatting, having a good time and even going to parties together.

Balancing our studies with some quality recreation time is important, and trust me, the good stories from other countries never end. This is one of the best parts of my new life, never bored.

A green lifestyle

The green living environment of Oulu is stunning, there's forest everywhere, and you can smell the clean air. The city's effort to preserve nature makes it the best place for people to be a part of sustainable technologies.

In Oulu, bicycle paths are well maintained, even during winter. Therefore, almost every student gets into the university by bike.

Bike stands at the door 2T near the main entrance of Linnanmaa campus

Many aspects of my life have changed in a good way during the last couple of months. I've experienced a new exciting culture, made new friends from all around the world, and feel more connected with nature.

Most of all, I am developing new advanced skills in an excellent university. So, my final answer is "yes", I've made the right choice! :)

About the author

Juan Vazquez from México is studying master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Oulu. He is a big fan of Finnish bands and already enjoying the concerts while eagerly waiting for the Finnish winter.