Second-hand shopping haul in Oulu for new student

If you are moving to Oulu as a student and start living in the PSOAS apartments (student housing), you will need to acquire some basic furniture such as a bed, table, chair, lamps, couch, some kitchen utensils and so on.

Second-hand shopping is enjoyable in Finland

If you have the money and prefer it, you can buy all the necessary items new. There are, however, other fantastic options if you want to be environmentally conscious or simply like recycled items. Second-hand shopping is trendy and enjoyable in Finland. It's been exciting to watch the second cycle movement grow over time. In Finland, recycling culture has always been active and present, evidenced by the reuse mentality in all consumer goods.

Second-hand shopping is popular and encouraged, and it is possible both offline and online.

I have always relished browsing flea markets and second-hand shops, but over the last three years, especially since we moved to Oulu and into our first PSOAS apartment, I have put a lot of time and energy into selling things and finding new bits used. So, I hope my suggestions might help you settle in Oulu with ease.

Oulu recycle centre

This place has the cheapest deals for you. You will get most furniture items like single, semi-double, sometimes larger beds, chairs, reading tables, dining tables, couches, rouges, side tables, shelves, curtains, some kitchen utensils and glassware.

This place also has limited clothing items for adults and kids, shoes just for 1 euro, art pieces if you want to decorate your walls and books (mainly in Finnish). You can choose what you like, and all the items will be delivered to your place for 10 euros only!


The Finnish Red Cross operates 12 Kontti second-hand department stores throughout Finland; luckily, there is one in Oulu. The Kontti stores offer services in items in good condition. They sell everything you might need for your home, from furniture to tableware to clothing, household textiles, toys, board games, books, sports and fitness items, lamps, electric kitchen items, utensils, glassware, jewellery and decorative items.

The Kontti stores are enjoyable to shop in because the things are well-organised, and the stores are open and spacious. Prices are higher than at flea markets, but the shopping experience is more enjoyable than in flea markets. There is also a delivery service, but it costs more than in Oulu recycle centre.

Toppila centre

You will find a good collection of furniture here; there are also books, decorative items of particular antique style, skating shoes, winter shoes, clothes, bedding items, and many records to explore and choose from the collection. Delivery service is available here.

Kirppis Aarrearkku

If you like antique furniture, this is the place for you because they have a moderate collection; you can also find beds, mattresses, and electronic items like washing machines. Delivery service is also available here.


This flea market in Raksila is extensive, with a wider variety of furniture, electronic items, and clothing items. Still, the prices are higher than Kontti and Oulu recycle centre.

Oulun suurkirppis (Oulu Grand Flea Market)

An event is organised once or twice a year. The biggest flea market in Northern Finland! Private people come here to sell anything.

Online second-hand shopping options

There are also many other shopping options online for second-hand things of all kinds.

  • 1kirppaari ( -You can find here: Furniture, clothing, electronics, anything sold by private people.
  • (an online marketplace for private people)- Anything for anyone!
  • Oulu Sale Point (Facebook group for selling and buying in English)- Anything for anyone!

Erasmus Student Network Oulu has created a handy second-hand shopping list as well. You can have a look.

Well, that should be enough information for now but not exactly a magical piece of advice; still, if there is something you are looking for, in particular, you need to be fast, refresh that page a lot and do not hesitate to message that person asap. Things sell quickly around here if you are shopping online.

My life in Oulu so far has been amazing, and most of the people here are so helpful while settling. That it left me thinking about the quote of the Ancient Greek Author, Aesop: no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Good luck and happy shopping! :)

About the author

Esrat Jahan Promi, from Bangladesh, is doing her master's in Architecture at the University of Oulu. She loves long walks in Oulu's quiet and serene forests and baking.