Wireless Communications Engineering - begin your future with 6G

The Centre for Wireless Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu has been a global leader in the adoption of 5G and is conducting high-quality research to create 6G technological components for 6G. If you want to play a part in building the 6G test network equipment with the state-of-the-art equipment in the labs, the University of Oulu is the place for you.
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Why the University of Oulu was my first choice for a master’s degree?

The main reason why I chose a Master’s in Wireless Communications Engineering to come to the University of Oulu is the extensive research carried out in the field of 6G. The ample scholarships provided by the University of Oulu made it possible for me to come here to pursue my programme of choice. Another reason was that I have always wanted to experience living in a scandinavian country. As Oulu is located in northern Finland, it experiences several months of snow and there are several activities that I’m looking forward to, like skiing and snowboarding, in the upcoming months.

Research in 6G

Starting from day one of the orientation programmes we were given a deep dive into the different divisions of research being conducted in the department.

As a part of the master's degree, there is a two-month compulsory training, a telecommunications project, and the thesis. You can discuss the topics for the telecommunications project with the professors right from the first semester. The topics recommended are normally sub-divisions of an ongoing bigger project. This is the beginning of our contribution to the research being conducted in Centre for Wireless Communications. If you’re interested in a research-based career, you can also apply for an internship in the department. The thesis topic can also be aligned with the current projects in the department.

The master’s degree in Wireless Communication Engineering is a perfect blend of the theoretical and practical knowledge required for a career in wireless communications, in the industry or in academia.

Facilities on campus

The University of Oulu is well-facilitated based on the requirements of the students and staff at the campus. I have utilized several of these in the last two months.

Study Pods

There are different kinds of study pods located all across campus for different purposes like self-study, group study, discussions, meetings, etc. I have used study pods to do group projects, lab work and to study before exams. They are also my go-to places between lectures to catch up on everyday lessons.

I took this photo after taking my first mid-term exam here at PSOAS Study Pod

Laptop Vendor

There are several locations of Laptop Vendor lockers across the Linnanmaa campus. These are a set of lockers with laptops, available for the students on campus. As I normally walk to the university, I don’t have to carry my laptop with me every day. I have used laptop vendor service on several occasions on campus for studying, completing assignments, and taking exams. These laptops can be borrowed for up to four hours, three times a day. They are very easily accessible and easy to use with a student card.


From one of my long walks on a Fall morning

I arrived in Oulu during the fall season. I like taking strolls in the afternoon whenever I get free time. It is my form of meditation. The atmosphere in Oulu is calming in the fall season. There is an aura of yellow, red, and orange during this time of the year. For someone who has lived all their lives near the equator, this is a beautiful experience.

About the author

Safa Arif is from India and is currently in her first year of her master’s degree in Wireless Communications Engineering. She likes skating, cycling and taking long walks in her free time She is an indecisive dreamer and an avid fiction reader. She is looking forward to ice skating and skiing in the winter.