Arctic Interactions

Arctic Interactions (ArcI), one of the University of Oulu´s interdisciplinary research profile themes, focuses on exploring environmental change and human-environmental relationships in the Arctic and promoting sustainable development in the region.

The objective is to integrate, strengthen and expand Arctic research at the University of Oulu. ArcI will train a completely new generation of premier Arctic scientists and educators. Our joint efforts will produce new discoveries and cutting-edge research at the boundaries of science where so many of today’s Arctic societal challenges are found.
A photo from snowy forest in Northern Finland.

Research topics

The Arctic interactions (ArcI) study consists of five research topics, each of which has a tenure track professor or senior researcher, postdoctoral researchers, and has several active research groups. Each of these research topics is related to one of ArcI’s broader research themes, which are  Global change & northern environments (ArcI 1), Human-environmental relationship (ArcI 2), and Sustainable systems, resource use and development (ArcI 3) in the Arctic.

Contact us

The Arctic Interactions research action is led by professors Bjørn Kløve and Jeffrey Welker. The primary contacts for research themes are tenure professors and senior scientists. Research Coordinator Jouko Inkeröinen takes care of the operative coordination.

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