Biocenter Oulu Day

Biocenter Oulu Day gathers the bioscience and biomedicine researchers and clinicians together annually around a current scientific theme and a commercial exhibition of the sponsoring companies. The Biocenter Oulu Day is planned, organized and chaired by a team of committed doctoral researchers.

Programme 2022

Miraculous matter: Recent advances in neuroscience
Time        Wednesday April 27, 2022 at 8.30-16.10
Place        Leena Palotie Auditorium 101A in the Main Building of the Medical Campus, 
University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
Chairpersons     Aleksi Sutinen and Abhishek Singh

Session 1: Glial cells in brain homeostasis
    08.30-08.40    Opening remarks
                                Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Biocenter Oulu
    08.40-08.50    Welcome
                                 Prof. Johannes Kettunen, Director of Focus Institute Biocenter Oulu
    08.50-09.25    Šárka Lehtonen, UEF, FIN
                                “Role of glial cells in Parkinson’s Disease”
    09.25-10.00    Julia Edgar, University of Glasgow, UK
                                 “Oligodendrocytes in axonal health’”
    10.00-10.05    10x Genomics, Jouni Rantanen 
    10.05-10.45    Coffee at the exhibition area 

Session 2: Novel Approaches in Neurodegeneration 
    10.45-10.50    Promega, Rasmus Sörensen
                                “Maxwell – your tool for perfect nucleic acid purification” 
    10.50-11.25    Vesa Kiviniemi, UO, FIN
                                “Novel Imaging Techniques in Alzheimer’s disease Research”
    11.25-12.45    Lunch break and exhibition

Session 3: Brain Clearance Pathways  
    12.45-12.55    Finnadvance, Prateek Singh
    12.55-13.30    Roxana Carare, University of Southampton, UK
                                “Role of extracellular-matrix in brain clearance”

    13.30-14.00    Coffee at the exhibition area 
    14.00-14.35    Iben Lundgaard, Lund University, SWE
                                “Brain wide clearance system-Glymphatic System”

Session 4: Neurodegenerative Disorders and Therapeutic Interventions
    14.35-15.15    Heikki Tanila, UEF, FIN
                                “Recent advances in Alzheimer’s Disease Research”
    15.15-15.55    Mart Saarma, University of Helsinki, FIN
                                “Neurotrophic Factors and their therapeutic applications”
    15.55-16.10    General discussion and concluding remarks


Organizing Committee of Biocenter Oulu Day 2022:
Aleksi Sutinen
Abhishek Singh
Margareta Kurkela
Timo Kumpula
Sonja Salmi
Subodh Sharma