From theory to practice

I am a 21-years-old French student who comes for a 3 months internship in the Future Manufacturing technologies (FMT) group for my studies. I was born in Montpellier in the Sud of France, where I obtained a high school graduation Diploma in Maths, Physics and Biology. After a 1st and 2nd year of a BSc degree specialising in engineering sciences and techniques in Polytech Montpellier. I'm doing my Master of Materials Science at Polytech Grenoble. I expect my graduation for next year!
Eloise Roux

My master is very generalist, thanks to that I have some knowledge about material families and characterization techniques. I study polymers, ceramics, glass, metals…For my internship, I choose to concentrate on metallurgy, which is an area of particular interest to me. It is an area that is constantly innovating. I have theoretical knowledge in metallurgy and I have already done some experiments, too, for instance stress and hardness tests.
Fatigue tests are new to me. I've heard about additive manufacturing before, but I didn't really know what that technique was. Discovering this technique made me realise that it was a very interesting and promising process.

So, I am very pleased to study additive manufacturing during my internship using fatigue flexion experiments. Indeed, the subject of my internship is to determine the links between the thickness of the additive manufacturing sample and the bending fatigue strength. Also, I will study the effect of shot peening. The study will focus on bending tests using a machine manufactured by the FMT group for samples of varying thickness from 1 to 3mm. We will test two series of additive production samples. The first is as build samples and the second is samples treated by shot peening.

This internship is an opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge in metallurgy with the notions of fatigue in bending, additive manufacturing and to learn a new surface treatment that I did not know about : the shot peening.

My internship started three weeks ago. I was very well received in this group and I have already been able to learn the whole procedure for doing stress tests in bends. Also, I have been able to research all of these new concepts. During this internship, I hope to get to analyse my first results of a study and thus enhance my skills as a future engineer. Indeed, conducting a study like this is a first experience for me that allows me to put my technical knowledge into practice and that I think will bring me a lot.

For me, an internship abroad is not just a job experience, it is also a life experience. Is an opportunity to enrich myself and improve my English. To be able to talk with people with more experience and other studies allow you to learn even more.

In addition, discovering Finland and a new culture is very gratifying to me. In fact, I love travelling to discover new landscapes and new lifestyles. I haven’t been able to visit many places yet, but the landscapes are very different from what I used to see. And I find Nivala a very beautiful and peaceful city surrounded by the forest.
I look forward to learning more about the culture and traditions of Finland during this internship. Because, apart from my studies, I enjoy walking in nature, taking pictures of landscapes and cook and I think Finland is a wonderful country to explore some of these activities.

Eloïse Roux, intern, Master degree student of Materials Science at Polytech Grenoble, France