International affairs

Located in the unique environment of the Arctic, the University of Oulu is a home base for the students and staff of almost 100 different nationalities, which makes us one of the most international institutions in Northern Europe. The University continuously improves and optimizes its internationalization efforts and contributes to resolving global challenges through targeted research, education, and innovation by active participation in global networks.

International university




international students and staff

The diversity of cultures from all over the world is visible and respected in the University community both in formal and informal contexts of academic and campus life. We offer opportunities to engage in internationalization activities, develop intercultural skills, build international networks, and explore the world to all members of our academic community.

The University of Oulu actively participates in and contributes to the work carried out by globally acknowledged international networks. Thanks to the University’s focus on building strong international partnerships, our partnership network is continuously growing.

The Office for International Affairs at your service

The Office for International Affairs coordinates the internationalization-related efforts of the university and serves as a point of contact for our international partners and collaborators. In addition, we are always open to cross-border projects, events, and other forms of cooperation. If you are interested in carrying out a project or organizing an event together with the University of Oulu, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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