Patents and IPR licenses

Research at the university produces a wide range of results, including biological materials, computer programs, databases, inventions, and new business ideas. Take a look at our offerings and discover new research results to grow your business.

Technologies for licensing

Patent portfolio

Research produces inventions. The patent portfolio of University of Oulu consists of over 40 patent families. Part of them have been commercialized by licensing to University´s research based startups or other national or international companies. Part of patents is looking for a commercialization route or currently forming of a new startup around them is going on.  

During the last fifteen years more than 70 research based companies have been created at the University of Oulu.

Look at our technologies that are available for licensing and collaboration.


Licensing terms

The technologies owned by University usually require from a company significant financial and technical contribution before the product is in the market. Due to this the licensing conditions of University are flexible. The terms of licensing agreement are tailored case-specifically depending on the needs of licensor and markets.


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