IP rights in collaboration

When developing something completely new, it is important to agree on the intellectual property rights: to whom they belong and how the company gets user rights and ownership of them.

IP rights in customized research services

Customized research project is financed entirely by the company. For these types of projects, companies and public organization may apply for financing from e.g. Business Finland and European Union.

Räätälöidyn tutkimushankkeen yritys rahoittaa kokonaisuudessaan. Voit saada hankkeeseen tukea esimerkiksi Business Finlandilta tai EU:lta.

The IP rights created during the project belongs to the company. Note, however, that inventions must be reimbursed to the inventors as required by the Higher Education Inventions Act.

IP rights in co-funded research collaboration

The co-funded research collaboration involves universities, research institutes and companies, which co-finance part of the project costs. Most of the funding comes from Business Finland or the EU, for example.

The basic principle in these projects is that the IPR rights belong to the organization(s) that has created it. If there are employees from more than one organization, those organizations jointly own the IPR rights.

Companies involved in co-financed projects will have the primary right to negotiate the right to use or own the results for their own business.

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