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The Oulu University Innovation Centre helps you to discover the commercial potential of your research! We offer services for developing new businesses and support researchers and companies in their cooperation.
Ihmisiä innovaatioiden ja ideoiden äärellä

Research to business – Innovation Centre is here for you

We at Innovation Centre help you to turn your research into business. We have experts working with commercialising, intellectual property rights, discovering business potential and developing business ideas. 

We help applying for funding and building the collaboration networks. 

Innovation Centre offers everything you need to develop a business: 

  • recognising the potential idea 

  • searching for the funding opportunities 

  • business coaching and schooling 

  • building the team 

  • support in finding partners 

Innovation Centre serves both the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. It combines the services and research projects of the two universities. Innovation Centre helps researchers to work with companies and opens opportunities for the companies to work with researchers.


Our services

We are looking for business mentors: experts, experienced entrepreneurs, or investors, who want to put an effort on developing new business. In addition, we coach researchers towards funding, the most important funding instrument being Business Finland. We also instruct in intellectual property rights and support student entrepreneurship.

We help researchers and businesses with all intellectual property right issues and questions including negotiating IPR transfer prices and agreements, patenting or licensing. We also connect companies looking for technical solutions with researchers. 

Research to Business in Oulu: R2B projects

Research to Business (R2B) is a Business Finland funding instrument for commercialising research. It aims at licensing technologies and making it possible to found new start-ups.

Research-based startups in Oulu

Research-based start-ups are a part of the impact the university has on society. The University of Oulu encourages its personnel, researchers, and students to participate in business and utilising their expertise also outside the academic world. 


Technologies for licensing

Research at the university produces a wide range of results and technologies for licensing including biological materials, computer programs, databases, and other inventions. Look at our offerings and discover new research results to grow your business. 


Contact us!

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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Humanities, Education, OBS, KSI, Architects

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Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Science, Medicine, Technology, separate units

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Undergraduate students

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