16th and 17th century conference (1500- ja 1600-lukujen tutkimuksen päivät)

The fourth 16th and 17th century conference known as ”1500- ja 1600-lukujen tutkimuksen päivät” will be held on 25–26 January 2024 at the University of Oulu. We invite researchers, students, and other experts who work on topics dealing with the early modern period and especially the 16th and 17th centuries to take part in the conference.

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The special theme of the 2024 conference is corporality. As usual, presentation proposals on other topics are also most welcome. The keynote speeches and sessions discuss the relationship of early modern people with their bodies, the treatment and meaning of bodies in different situations, and how corporeality is related to broader themes of power or identity, from different perspectives. Corporality can be linked to e.g. the following topics: religion, judicial system, health and illness, death, self-image, senses, sexuality, or clothing.

Kenoyte speakers:

Karin Sennefelt, Stockholm University (history)

Sanna Lipkin, University of Oulu (archaeology)

We welcome all projects and everyone who considers themselves a researcher of the said era regardless of discipline: history, archaeology, linguistics, musicology, cultural studies, literature, art history, historical geography, theology, philosophy, and so on. Presentations are welcomed from researchers and students at different stages, from Master’s students to academic researchers. Other parties, such as representatives of archives and museums, are also welcome. Presentation languages are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Please submit your proposal for a 20-minute presentation by 27 November. Proposals for entire sessions are also accepted. You may present, for example, latest research results, an ongoing project, a research or project idea, a dissertation project or a master’s thesis topic. The topic can also be related in other ways to conducting, publishing or popularizing research.

Submit your proposal via this link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/EP/135067923B8EF1A3

Decisions on the proposals will be made by 1 December, after which registration instructions will be sent to those selected. The participation fee (€45) covers e.g. lunches and coffee. On Thursday, an informal evening party will be organized. Master’s students are not charged the participation fee. More information: maria.julku@oulu.fi

The conference is organized in cooperation by The Network for Early Modern Research in Finland and The Research Unit for History, Culture and Communication Studies at the University of Oulu. The event is supported by The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.


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