47th Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference: Shaping the future in the era of polycrisis

The 47th Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference is organized by the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences at the Linnanmaa campus from 4th to 6th June 2025. The theme of the conference is "Shaping the future in the era of polycrisis". The American AIS organization is bringing its conference outside North America to Europe for the second time in its history. In 2019, the conference was held at the University of Amsterdam and now here in Oulu.

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University of Oulu & Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Linnanmaa campus



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The conference is organized in collaboration with Oulu University of Applied Sciences by all the university's centers for multidisciplinary research - the Kvantum Institute, Eudaimonia Institute, Infotech, and Biocenter -, Profiling themes 6-7 (Biodiverse Anthropocenes, Fibrobesity, 6GESS, H2FUTURE, Hybrid Intelligence, and FRONT) as well as the Thule-institute, the European University UNIC, the Noste education development programme, and University of Oulu Graduate School. The conference is intended for all those interested in multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and teaching at all stages of their research career and in all staff groups.

Topics to be addressed at the conference will include e.g:

  • Understanding systemic approaches, polycrisis, and interrelationships
  • Sustainability transformation as an urgency
  • Digitalization serving humanity
  • Co-production of knowledge
  • Interdisciplinary education as a tool to shape the future

Early-bird registration and the call for contributions for the conference will open in August 2024.

Welcome to the international and interdisciplinary atmosphere!

AIS, Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

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