Advanced Summer School on Cloud, Edge, and IoT

Welcome to 2024 Advanced Summer School on Cloud, Edge, and IoT. Our summer school is designed to provide students with a unique and enriching experience that will help them develop new skills and broaden their horizons.

NJIT-UO Alumni meeting in September 2023

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University of Oulu, Linnanmaa Campus



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The summer school focuses on advanced technologies on Cloud, Edge, and IoT fostering interactions between participants, Finnish companies, and international researchers. The school will stimulate interactions among participants, lively debates, and discussions around the topics of interest of the event. In addition to the school itself, the students will be introduced to selected companies and their timely software engineering –related questions and/or research projects, demonstrating the latest challenges.

Summer school is for students from NJIT, XUT and NSF project. Also Information Processing Science (3rd year or above) -students, DICE (3rd year or above) -students and SEIS Master’s Programme -students from University of Oulu are warmly welcome!

Last updated: 30.5.2024