Book launch event of the "Under Extreme Conditions"

Welcome to conversing with Francisca Prieto Fernàndez who is author of "Under extreme conditions" book! The event is held at kulttuurilaboratorio (culture lab) at 4th of May. Culture lab is a multipurpose experimental space in Pikisaari, Oulu

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Kulttuurilaboratorio, Pikisaarentie 15 B1, 90100 Oulu

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Surrounding us is a whole world of living beings that can be seen only through the microscope, the microbes. These tiny creatures can be found everywhere on earth and can even survive in harsh conditions such as industrial contamination or under frozen water. Environmental microbiologists are the ones in charge of studying microbes. This is a memoir of Francisca`s first trip to Svalbard – an archipelago well north of the Arctic Circle – in the search for microbial life that may help solve the problems our planet is facing. Through illustrations, words and pictures, you will navigate the thoughts and emotions she experienced during the days of the trip. Francisca invite you to travel with her to the Arctic and to open your eyes to the life we cannot see that exists under extreme conditions.

Francisca is a doctoral researcher based in Oulu. She likes to find the balance between scientific knowledge and artistic expression. Join for the launch of her first book "Under Extreme Conditions". There will be free copies of the book, wine and music selection by @_surasith_.

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Warmly welcome!

Last updated: 28.4.2023