Citizen science and bokashi - join the workshop!

Hey bokashi maker, would you like to take a deeper look into your kitchen's bokashi bin? Have you ever wondered about the microbial composition of your bokashi? Are you curious to know, if bokashi has an impact on the biodiversity of your home? Can bokashi even have health effects? Have you conducted your own experiments with bokashi? Come and share your experiences and questions with us and open new pathways for future research!
Biojätteitä astioissa.
Photo: Birgitta Vinkka

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University of Oulu Botanical gardens, Kaitoväylä 5

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Welcome to a bokashi workshop at the botanical Science Garden of the University of Oulu to discuss together with other bokashi enthusiasts and researchers what happens in the bokashi process. During the event, you can engage in discussions with experts, including microbiologist Katharina Kujala and environmental sociologist and author Veera Kinnunen from the Biodiverse Anthropocenes (ANTS) research program at the University of Oulu. You will have the opportunity to exchange experiences face-to-face with other bokashi makers.

Five volunteer households from the Oulu region will be selected to participate in the study.

Refreshments will be provided!

Registration is required by May 28, 2023. Please register with Veera Kinnunen via email at veera.kinnunen(at)

Last updated: 23.5.2023