Community support and consolation event due to the war in Gaza

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Oulu invites students and staff to join for an event dedicated to expressing unwavering support for the victims of the ongoing war in Gaza and come together to acknowledge the tragedy unfolding in Gaza for more than 120 days.

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L3, Linnanmaa Campus



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Event Highlights:

  1. Heartfelt Conversations: Share your thoughts and emotions in a safe, supportive space designed for understanding and empathy.
  2. A Moment of Reflection: During a minute of silence, honor the lives killed, with a special focus on the more than 10,000 innocent Palestinian children who have been tragically murdered.
  3. Prayers for Peace: Utilize the minute of silence for personal prayers, extending heartfelt wishes for peace and healing to the Palestinian families affected.

War in Gaza is the tragedy, where more than 26,000 Palestinians lives, including over 10,000 innocent children, have been tragically killed, and 85% of the Gaza population displaced. Let our collective presence be a powerful symbol of solidarity, standing side by side with all the victims of war in Gaza. By fostering open dialogue, reflective silence, and shared prayers, we hope to offer solace and support to our fellow students and colleagues directly affected by this crisis. Your active participation is not only appreciated but essential in demonstrating our commitment to standing in solidarity with those who has been killed or suffered in the war in Gaza.

The event is not a religious event, and it is not for or against any religion, not for or against any political view or group or state or organization, nor against anybody in any sense but only for all the innocent civilians, and for us to get strengths to go on in this terrible time to help those who need our help. At the event, you will get instructions on how to move forward in this sad time.

We only use English at the event. Everyone is welcome!

Ari Savuoja
University Chaplain
tel. +358 40 524 5919

Last updated: 5.2.2024