CriM 2021 Cyber Security Seminar and Workshops

The international Crisis Management workshop CriM gathers the teachers, researchers, experts and students of cybersecurity annually to study pressing issues of security and privacy of our digital systems. Respected international and Finnish lecturers combined with practical workshops each day bring the important insights of the current world to students interested in cybersecurity.

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University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus

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  • For students at a Finnish university: Via WebOodi "521252S, Special Course in Information Technology 4 - International Crisis Management (CriM)", 5 ECTS cr
  • For external particpants: Lyyti

The reliance of modern society on well functioning information and cyber technologies cannot be underestimated. In the face of large natural or manmade cyber crises we may be underprepared as societies. Cyber preparedness is dependent on too few cybersecurity professionals who may be overbooked. Events like Covid-19, Vastaamo, and SolarWinds have highlighted the need to prepared on an (inter)national scale. For Crim2021 we invite professionals who work on incident response and cyber preparedness, both in public and private sector, to share their views on the topic. We arrange workshops which allows participants to do hand-on exercises on incident response and security. A capture-the-flag competition is arranged as a side event.

See the workshop page for the latest updates and program.

Last updated: 15.9.2021