“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – A guest lecture by Tom Jacobsson

The lecture is open to all university students and staff.

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L2, Linnanmaa Campus

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The title's famous quote by Peter Drucker captures the essence of how company culture always determines success regardless of how effective your strategymay be.

“In our vocabulary this environment is craftsmanship culture: a set of values, behaviors, habits and attitude that produce magic. I have spent most of my professional life happily ignorant on how to utilize culture as a tool to guide people into certain direction in order to reach a desired company goals and destination.

Taking the powers of culture into use in everyday leadership and as a foundationfor company DNA has been my mission for the last 6 years”, says Tom Jacobsson, CEO and Co-founder of digital product company Dunning, Kruger & Associates (DK&A).

Welcome to hear more on the topic!

Event is free of charge and registration is not required.

Doors open at 13.00 and lecture starts at 13.30. After the speech there’s time for questions and discussion.

All the materials are in English and the lecture is in Finnish.

Last updated: 28.10.2021