Doctoral course - AI-Enabled Future(s)

A great deal of excitement, energy and attention are presently directed at (and by) artificial intelligence technologies. These are often described in optimistic utopian terms or alternatively, as dark dehumanized dystopias. While the technologies themselves are the focus because of their novelty and potential, rarely are the worlds in which AI is normal and ubiquitous made visible. Nor are the experiences and voices of the future generations who will inhabit those futures heard. What it is like to live in a world infused with a host of intelligent devices?

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Tellus Backstage, Linnanmaa Campus

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Presented by:

Dirk S. Hovorka

Professor of Systems and Design

University of Sydney, NSW, 2006 AU

Extent: 3 ECTS

Registration: Email latest on Friday 26 May 2023

More information and schedule can be found here

Last updated: 29.5.2023