Doctoral course - Physics and functionalities of piezoelectrics – From nano- and microstructure to electrical properties

Piezoelectric materials are one of the most capable and versatile electronic materials that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Since its discovery in 1880, piezoelectric components have been used in a broad range of industries, including jet nozzles in automotive and printing sectors, ultrasonic components in medicine, accelerometers and gyroscopes in sensing systems, and energy harvesters in emerging Internet of Things (IoT) systems. It is such a versatile electromechanical coupling capability makes piezoelectric materials needed almost everywhere in a modern world where mechanical and electronic devices are typically merged. This course will introduce and discuss piezoelectric materials from the physical point of view, for instance, how piezoelectric properties are induced and influenced at the nano- and microscale, and how these properties affect the functionalities of piezoelectric components.

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Last updated: 5.4.2023