Easter Treasure Hunt at Kontinkangas

Celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring at Kontinkangas with your friends and win prizes!
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Kontinkangas Campus

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Celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring at Kontinkangas with your friends and win prizes by joining the “Easter Treasure Hunt at Kontinkangas” student-led community event on April 12, 14:30-16:30!

The event is open to all the University students, staff, and researchers! Move around the Kontinkangas campus in a team of maximum three people,and individual participants are welcome as well. The starting time is 14:30 and the winning teams will be announced by 16:30. Refreshments will be served to all participants. The event is organised in English.

Your main task is to locate different checkpoints, visit them, and solve the riddles. The faster you are, the more points you get. If you are willing to go an extra mile, these are the ways to receive up to 60 bonus points:

  • 5 bonus points: A team picture (or individual picture) with any of the Easter eggs or the Event screen on the Tellus stage – only 1 submission per team
  • 5 bonus points: For anyone wearing any Easter-related outfit during the hunt (i.e. Bunny ears hairband, Bunny shirt) – max 5 points per team
  • 5–50 points: Find one (or more) of 10 Easter egg pictures randomly placed all over the Kontinkangas campus and submit the word printed on the egg as a response. Each Easter egg found will add 5 bonus points to the total points obtained. Each team can get a maximum of 50 bonus points by finding all the Easter Eggs.

Register to the event by April 11, 16:00.

We kindly ask all the participants to register in advance as it will help us to estimate the amount of refreshments and prizes. However, registration at the event info point will also be possible.

The “Easter Treasure Hunt at Kontinkangas” event is supported by Talent Boost Bottom-up Initiative internal funding 2022/23.

Last updated: 13.4.2023