Ethics and infrastructures promoting high-quality research with mouse models

Networking event organized by FinGMice with the support of Biocenter Finland and Fibrobesity.

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Leena Palotie Hall, Aapistie 5A, University of Oulu

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Thu 8.6. at 13-16 in Leena Palotie Hall

13.00–13.15 Biocenter Finland FinGMice network, Reetta Hinttala, University of Oulu

13.15–13.35 Finnish Centre for Laboratory Animal Pathology (FCLAP): service and consultation for researchers, Jere Linden, University of Helsinki

13.35–13.55 Turku Center for Disease Modeling (TCDM) services in mouse models of liver steatosis and fibrosis, Matti Poutanen, University of Turku

13.55–14.10 Home-cage phenotyping and voluntary wheel running in mice: to run or not to run? Kari Mäkelä, University of Oulu

14.15–14.45 Coffee break, networking & posters

14.45–15.15 Keynote: How many Rs do we need for using research animals ethically? Vootele Voikar, University of Helsinki

15.15–15.25 FinnDisMice project, Satu Kuure, University of Helsinki

15.25–15.45 Neurophenotyping of mouse disease models – two case reports, Heikki Tanila, University of Eastern Finland

15.45–16.00 Mouse models in cardiovascular research, Johanna Magga, University of Oulu

16.00 Closing words

The event can be regarded as part of the mandatory, yearly continuing education for people conducting experiments on animals.

For further info please contact:

Reetta Hinttala, Associate Professor (tenure track), PhD

Last updated: 17.5.2023