Eudaimonia's Brainstorming Day

Eudaimonia’s Brainstorming Day: (For What) Do We Need Eudaimonia?

The Eudaimonia Institute for the Human Sciences was founded nine years ago. One of its functions has been to foster interdisciplinary research. Because of its wide scope at the University of Oulu (humanities, education, business school, human geography in science), it is challenging to find topics and activities that would interest all. Enthusiasm towards its events has indeed varied over the years. It is time to ask for what we need Eudaimonia.

Eudaimonia invites you to the Brain Storming day to mould the future of the Institute:

• What kind of community and university are best for research?
• Why should one attempt to initiate interdisciplinary research? What are main obstacles?
• Is “the human sciences” meaningful and/or useful category?

Please come along and tell your view!

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Preliminary programme

9.30 Eudaimonia as an institute and the strategic goals of the Oulu University (Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen)

9.45 What’s the point of interdisciplinarity? (Inkeri Koskinen, University of Helsinki)

10.45 An example of a successful interdisciplinary research project (Pauliina Rautio, University of Oulu)

11.30 Interactive lunch

12.30 Science speed dating

13.30 What is a good scientific community for research? (Kari Lukka, University of Turku)

14.30 Coffee and discussion: What does the human sciences mean?

15.30 End

For catering purposes, please register no later than 10 August 2022: LINK TO THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Last updated: 9.6.2022