Fibrobesity Kick-Off Event

Welcome to Fibrobesity Kick-Off! The programme includes interesting talks by our key researchers. The event is open for all.
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Fibrobesity research programme at the University of Oulu targets the scientifically interlinked triad of obesity, hypoxia and fibrosis. The multidisciplinary research extends from molecular and cellular to individual and societal level across biomedical and human sciences.


12:00-12:30 Welcome and Fibrobesity introductory

Vice Rector Taina Pihlajaniemi & Fibrobesity Leaders Prof. Olavi Ukkola and Associate Prof. Reetta Hinttala

12:30-13:50 What’s up, part 1: Presentations by Fibrobesity key recruits

Chair: Olavi Ukkola

1. Professor Ali Mobasheri: Anti-obesity medications for treating obesity-induced osteoarthritis

2. Associate Professor (Tenure) Eija Pirinen: Adipose tissue mitochondrial dysfunction and fibrosis in obesity

3. Assistant Professor (Tenure) Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen: Fertility in association to fibrosis and obesity

4. Associate Professor (Tenure) Daniela Ungureanu: Obesity and cancer: into the mechanisms of omental metastatic developments

13:50-14:00 Break (10 min)

14:00-14:40 What’s up, part 2: Selected Fibrobesity research topics

Chair: Reetta Hinttala

1. PhD, Fibrobesity postdoc Mikko Myllykangas: Historical and contemporary perspectives on the medical and social discourses of obesity

2. Prof. Sylvain Sebert: LongITools project

14:40-15:50 What’s up, part 3: Short talks by Fibrobesity postdocs

Chair: Reetta Hinttala

1. Riikka Arffman: Deciphering the roles of obesity and hyperandrogenism in fibrosis in the endometrium and placenta in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

2. Marjukka Nurkkala: Disordered eating behavior – an aspect to obesity

3. Ghulam Shere Raza: Time-restricted feeding reduces Fibrobesity in mice fed with high fat diet

4. Outi Kummu: Metabolic effects of in utero PXR activation

5. Ismail Celik: The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications for behavioral guidance in the prevention and treatment of obesity

15:50-16:00 Concluding remarks

Olavi Ukkola

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