Fundamentals of Sustainability in Wireless Networking

The Fundamentals of Sustainability in Wireless Networking training is tailored for engineers, technologists, and technical managers within the Manufacturing Industry SMEs, aiming to enhance resilience through sustainable manufacturing.

This training goes into the essentials of sustainability in ICTs, focusing on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of wireless networking.

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This module provides an introduction to sustainability in the context of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and specifically wireless networking. It introduces key sustainability concepts, principles, and indicators for wireless networking including UN SDGs and environmental, social, and economic sustainability perspectives. It considers recent developments in regulation, standardisation, and businesses and provides guidelines for designing future sustainable communication systems.

For whom

Engineers, technologists, technical managers and any other persons interested in learning about sustainability in the context of information and communication technology (ICT) sector and wireless networking. Participants should know some basics in wireless networks.

About the training

  • 4 comprehensive online lectures in English
  • interactive 1.5-hour live weekly sessions
  • access to all course materials and recordings on a collaborative platform

Benefits for you and your business

  1. Learn the fundamentals of sustainability principles in ICTs and wireless networking
  2. Understand what is meant with environmental, social and economic sustainability in wireless networking
  3. Learn the key indictors and assessment methods for sustainability practises in wireless networks
  4. Learn about on-going sustainability related activities for 6G networks

Weekly schedule and topics (60 minute live session + forum activity)

The sessions will run from 11 March to 15 April 2024, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of sustainability in wireless networking.

11.3.2024 16:00 (UTC+2): Sustainability principles in ICTs and wireless networking
25.3.2024 16:00 (UTC+2): Key indicators and assessment methods
2.4.2024 15:00 (UTC+3): Future sustainable 6G networking
15.4.2024 16:00 (UTC+3): Recap of sustainability principles in wireless networking


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The training is organised by Rebooting manufacturing industry with digitalisation skill development (REBOOT SKILLS) project.

Last updated: 6.3.2024