Game of Groves -the Winter is coming

“What to do, when your map is torn into pieces and gone with the wind, and you are in the middle of the Finnish forest? Will your instincts and senses and your group find a solution? Will your group find a way to a safe, warm place to eat and rest?”

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The Botanical gardens

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An event (19.10.2022 at 6pm to 9pm) for international university students to make new friends & get to know the Botanical Garden. You will be introduced to some details of Finnish nature & culture by participating a playful quest! The event is organized in cooperation with TalentBoost.

The event is guided by nature guide students in English at the Botanical Garden. The event is held partly inside the greenhouse and out at the gardens around the pyramid greenhouses. If the weather turns out to be bad, the activities are held inside. Snacks and warm drinks provided.

The event is fully booked! If you already have registered, you should receive a more detailed instruction-email shortly!

Last updated: 5.10.2022