Hammaslääketieteen Storytime: Antti Tiisanoja

Storytime-events showcase the career stories of University of Oulu alumni from different faculties. For the next Storytime we have Antti Tiisanoja from the faculty of Medicine sharing his story.

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Instagram: @UniOulu

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You can join the show on Instagram account @UniOulu on Wednesday the 17th of March at 3 PM.

Antti Tiisanoja graduated from the university of Oulu in 2015 and has worked as a dentist in several cities. In 2018 he defended his doctoral thesis on the effect of tiring medicine on the mouth health of the elderly. Now he works as a researcher fellow at the Research Unit of Oral health Sciences in the University of Oulu's Medical Faculty and as a dentist at the city of Oulu.

The discussion will be in Finnish.

Storytime events are free and open for all. These events are targeted for students and aim to help in planning one’s own career. If you have a good speaker in mind or wish to know more, please contact telluslinnanmaa@oulu.fi

Last updated: 15.4.2021