HI Data Forum 4.6.2024: Utilizing video data in research - examples of data analysis and tech demo

Join us for Hybrid Intelligence (HI) research programme´s HI Data Forum at LeaF and learn more about utilizing video data in research through data analysis examples and demonstration of the video recording services available at the University of Oulu.

Video data serves as a data source for capturing rich and complex information, including verbal and non-verbal communication, behaviors, and environmental context, providing a comprehensive view of phenomena under study. It provides easy storage and access leading to a deeper understanding about human behavior, social interactions, and phenomena. Advances in technology have led to the development of innovative analysis techniques, such as computer vision and machine learning algorithms, which can extract valuable insights from video data.

The hybrid event is open to all! Lunch is served after the event.
A group of researchers with VR equipment sitting in orange couches

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10.30 Welcome to Hybrid Intelligence Data Forum @LeaF
Niina Palmu, LeaF Research Infrastructure
Dr. Satu Kaleva, coordinator of Hybrid Intelligence research program

10.45 Webcam-based feedback loop design for attentive digital reading
Dr. Yoon Lee, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu, Hybrid Intelligence research program

Maintaining attention is a prerequisite for successful learning, leading to more effective, efficient, and appealing learning experiences. There are varied definitions of ‘human attention’ across various disciplines at an intersection of cognitive science, education, and affective computing. I've integrated principles from affective computing to discern behavioral cues linked to human attention and aimed to reveal learners' internal states through their observable behavioral cues. The feedback loop integrates the behavior recognition model and the feedback mechanism based on learner behaviors to maximize the effects of the feedback.

11.15 Studying verbal and embodied interaction with video-recorded data

Heidi Spets, doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu, Research Unit for Languages and Literature, Action and Intersubjectivity in the Digital Age (AIDA)
Heidi Puputti, doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu, Research Unit for Languages and Literature, PeaceTalk

In our respective projects, we both study interaction using video-recorded data. Heidi Spets studies real-time interaction in digitally mediated and virtual environments, investigating how people navigate the use of digital technologies and produce social actions. Heidi Puputti studies naturally occurring interaction in multinational civilian crisis management training, and she is interested in how people effectively and successfully work as teams and accomplish various exercises. In our presentation, we discuss the use of video data in our research and illustrate our methodology, Conversation Analysis (CA).

11.45 Tech demo of the video recording - experience the possibilities of video recording services and technologies at the University of Oulu
Antti Siipo, a tech expert from the LeaF Research Infrastructure.

12.00 Lunch served at LeaF, save some time for networking and chatting

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