HI Ethics Forum: Ethics of AI Hype

Hybrid Intelligence (HI) research programme organizes HI Ethics Forum to explore and discuss the ethics of AI with different visiting researchers. AI hype is everywhere, but what about the ethics of it?
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Warmly welcome to join online on Thursday 6th of June
to HI Ethics Forum, where we dive into the very important, but not so hyped topic of the Ethics of AI Hype.
Zoom 13-14.30


Welcoming words, Susanne Uusitalo, Senior researcher in Ethics of AI, from Hybrid Intelligence research programme (University of Oulu).

Keynote: If AI is the answer, what was the question? On the evaluation and scope of AI solutions,
Johanna Ahola-Launonen, Aalto University

Keynote: AI reality check: Where are we now, how did we get here and what's happening next?, Lauri Tuovinen, University of Oulu

The event is only online in Zoom. Register here to get the zoom link.

About keynote speakers

Johanna Ahola-Launonen is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University Business School (Organization & Management / Philosophy of Management). She defended her doctoral thesis “Hijacking responsibility – Philosophical studies on health distribution” at the University of Helsinki (Social and Moral Philosophy) in 2018. Her postdoctoral projects have focused on the normativity of technological expectations. In her current project, funded by the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation (January 2024 to June 2026), she investigates technological optimism, the ethical management of technological expectations, and technology assessment frameworks.

More generally, her research interest include philosophy of technology, science and technology studies, political philosophy, and methodologies in applied ethics.

Lauri Tuovinen is a postdoctoral researcher in BISG research unit, DataAI research group at the University of Oulu. Unlike most other DataAI members. Since he completed his Doctor of Science degree at the ITEE Faculty of the University of Oulu in 2014, he has been working as a postdoctoral researcher in the faculty's BISG research unit, DataAI research group. Unlike most other DataAI members, his educational background is in computer science, and he has approached research problems primarily from the perspective of the processes and architectures that enable efficient implementation and deployment of AI solutions. He is also interested in ethical and social issues related to artificial intelligence.

Research interests: AI applications, Data management and knowledge representation, Personal data and privacy, Technology ethics

Last updated: 3.6.2024