ITEE meets the companies

ITEE meeting the companies on 16th March at 15.00-17.00

Are you looking for a job in ITEE field come with us to meet the companies!
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ITEE meeting the companies

📌on 16th March at 15.00-17.00

Companies join us:





📌Nordic Semicoductors


15.00 Company presentations and studio interviews

Each company will be given an opportunity to introduce itself and its expertise to the students in the ITEE faculty. The representatives of the companies (1-2) will be interviewed by the host of the event. The interviews will last approx. 15 mins and will have following framework questions:

  • What kind of work does your company do?
  • What sort of job opportunities do you have?
  • How does recruitment happen?
  • What kind of Knowledge and skills do you expect from students and graduates?

17.00 The end of the event.

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Last updated: 4.3.2022