Kick-off for the preparation of University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy

Welcome to kick-off for the preparations of the University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy!

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In the event the background for the strategy work will be laid out, and timeline and process of the preparation are shared. The preparation will be open and participatory including discussions and hearings as well as open online survey on Arctic research and education which will be launched at the event.

The University of Oulu´s arctic strategy will tackle climate and environmental changes and the ecological and other societal impact caused by these major changes in the Arctic, as well as sustainable development and the rights of the inhabitants of the Arctic region. The strategy work will also take into the account Finland´s and European Union´s arctic strategies.

The event is open to anyone and doesn’t require registration.

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Speakers of the event:

Arctic strategy working group chair, Director, UArctic Vice-President Research Professor Arja Rautio, Thule Institute,

Arctic strategy working group co-chair, Research Coordinator, UArctic Vice- President Networks, Dr. Kirsi Latola, Thule Institute,

Last updated: 21.1.2022