Kontinkangas Research Infrastructure Day

You are warmly invited to join us on the Kontinkangas Campus Research Infrastructure Day !

The event will take place on two Thursday afternoons on 17.3. & 24.3.2022 at Palotie sali (auditorium 101A), Aapistie 5A, in the main building of Kontinkangas Campus.

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Palotie sali (auditorium 101A), Aapistie 5A, in the main building of Kontinkangas Campus.

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Please register via this link InfraDay by Friday 11.3.2022 at the latest.

There will be coffee served on the afternoon break for registered participants.



Thursday, 17.3.2022

12:00-12:10      Opening: Lauri Eklund

Session 1, Chair:  Jukka Hakkola

12:10-12:25      Laboratory animals services (OULAC, Hanna-Marja Voipio)

12:25-12:40      Generation and analysis of transgenic mice (BCO, Reetta Hinttala)

12:40-12:55      Proteomics and protein analysis (BCO, Lloyd Ruddock)

12:55-13:05      Echocardiography (FMed, Risto Kerkelä)

13:05-13:15      Metabolism cages (FMed, Karl-Heinz Herzig)

13:15-13:25      IVIS in vivo imaging system (BCO, OULAC, Linda Birgisdottir)

13:25-13:35      Flexivent respiratory function (FBMM, Tapio Röning)

13:35-14:00 Break

Session 2, Chair:  Simo Saarakkala

14:00-14:15      Advanced light microscopy (BCO, Veli-Pekka Ronkainen)

14:15-14:30      Electron microscopy (BCO, Ilkka Miinalainen)

14:30-14:45      Computed tomography and x-ray microscopy (FMed, Mikko Finnilä)

14:45-14:55      Incucyte live cell imaging (Fmed, Sanna Palosaari)

Clinical cohorts, bio- and databanks

14:55-15:10      Borealis Biobank (FMed, Raisa Serpi)

15:10-15:25      Northern Finland Birth Cohorts/Arctic Biobank (FMed, Minna Ruddock)

15:25-15:40      Discussion

                            Academy of Finland’s “Local Infrastructures” call



Thursday, 24.3.2022

12:00-12:10      Opening: Lauri Eklund            

Session 3, Chair:  Seppo Vainio

12:10-12:25      DNA/RNA sequencing (BCO, Katri Pylkäs)

12:25-12:40      Histological techniques (FMed, Katja Porvari)

12:40-12:55      Biocomputing (BCO, Andre Juffer)

12:55-13:10      Structural biology (BCO, Lari Lehtiö)

13:10-13:20      Optical genome mapping (FMed, Tuomo Mantere)

13:20-13:30      Optical tweezers (FBMM, Jeena Ainikkal Velayudhan)

13:30-14:00 Break

Session 4,  Chair: Caglar Elbuken

14:00-14:15      Viral gene vectors  (BCO, Aki Manninen)

14:15-14:25      Fluorescence-activated cell sorting  (FMed, Virpi Glumoff)

14:25-14:35      Electrophysiology lab (FMed, Esa-Ville Immonen)

14:35-14:45      Single cell (sc) technologies and scRNAseq (FBMM, Jane Chen)

14:45-14:55      Induced pluripotent stem cells (FMed, Salla Kangas)

14:55-15:05      Hypoxia workstation (FBMM, Antti Salo)

15:05-15:15      Seahorse metabolic assay (FMed, Eija Pirinen)

Admistration & Management

15:15-15:25      iLab management software (BCO, Pirkko Huhtala)

15:25 - 15:45   Discussion

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