Library workshop: SciFinder-n basics and new features (in English)

SciFinder-n includes literature and patent references as well as information about chemical compounds and reactions. SciFinder's subject areas include chemistry with its various application areas, process and environmental technology, materials research, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc.

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Pegasus Library & Zoom

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Library SciFinder-n workshop (in English) on Thursday, 27 April at 12–13 in Pegasus Library computer classroom PK251 and in Zoom

Students and staff of the University of Oulu have access to SciFinder. Each user must register individually. Enter your e-mail address ending in on the registration form. Link to new user registration

The workshop focuses on the features of SciFinder's new platform, the search for literature references and the utilization of CAS Concepts and CAS Lexicon features in information search. In addition, we will learn how to search for chemical compounds and reactions.

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Last updated: 19.4.2023