Meet the Talent Boost Mentors – come and chat about life in Oulu (Kontinkangas)

Are you an international student, staff member, or researcher? Do you have any questions, or is there some advice or information you are looking for regarding life at the university, or living in Oulu in general you just can’t seem to find?

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Tellus Kontinkangas, common area.

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If so, welcome to Tellus (Kontinkangas Campus) on Wednesday 24.11.2021, between 15:00 and 17:00, when we (Talent Boost Mentors) will be available to provide help and guidance for international students, staff, and researchers. Come and ask us anything about life in Oulu, your studies, work, life, hobbies, assistance with translating documentation or letters you receive in Finnish etc. Or if you just want someone to have a chat with, then that’s fine too 😊.

Our role is to try and ensure that your transition to university life and life in Oulu is as smooth and problem-free as possible. We can’t promise that we have all the answers, but we might just be able to help point you in the right direction.

Please note that the main purpose of these meeting is to provide general advice and guidance, not professional counselling services, however, we can provide guidance on where to find such services if necessary.

Last updated: 4.11.2021